Private Services List & Fees

Fees Payable By Patients

Medical Examinations


Drivers or Pilots vocational licences (e.g. LGV, PCV, Taxi, Pilots, etc.)
Employment or Pre-Employment medicals (e.g. Army, Police)

Sports Medical/ Fitness for education report/ fitness to travel medical with report

Full examination with examination with report or certificate

Full Medical Examination with report and opinions
Power of Attorney (examination & certificate)
Court of protection (examination & certificate)
Report without examination

Certificates, Forms & Reports


Freedom from infection certificate  £20.00
Claim Forms
Gym membership cancellation
Holiday insurance cancellation
Housing benefits report
Life/Health insurance claims forms (BUPA, PPP etc.)
Police witness report
School fees insurance form
Slimming club/health club certificate / questionnaires etc.Private sick certificate for employer, college etc.
Completing a DS1500 form
 £30.00 – £60.00
Solicitors report (p/h)  £25.00



Any simple letter to support Non–NHS information
(e.g. fitness to fly. To whom it may concern, housing, social services etc.)
Short report pro forma or extract £89.50



Fees Payable by Other Authority/Organisation

Insurance Medical Reports / DVLA


Insurance General Practitioners report  £104.00
Insurance Company – supplementary reports  £27.00
DVLA Report £40.00

Department of Works and Pensions (DWP)


Disability living allowance forms

DSA 1550 forms